Ontwikkelingsorganisatie VSO Nederland uit Utrecht is met ingang van Februari 2021 op zoek naar een EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST.

The ideal applicant will have

  • At least 5 years’ experience working in the education sector
  • Teaching and classroom management experience especially in the early grades (first and second year of primary school)
  • Experience in using different and innovative approaches to improve learning outcomes
  • Prior experience in using technology and community in education would also be a plus
  • Experience in the use of data/research outcomes to make and implement initiatives that would enhance learning
  • Ability to self-manage, set targets and self-monitor would also be ideal
  • Teacher training, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation experience

Besides these skills, you need to be openminded, respectful, resilient and adaptive to new situations. It is important that you can facilitate positive change, build sustainable working relationships and are willing to seek and share knowledge. For further
information about this job, download here the detailed job description.


How to apply? 

Contact our recruiter: 

Kelly Helinski



Over Ontwikkelingsorganisatie VSO Nederland

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